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Production lines for the the manufacturing of heat protection sheets in the passenger car under floor area

The line can be driven as a single press with up to 3 tool steps. If up to 6 forming steps for the part manufacturing will be needed both presses will be driven in automated linked mode.

The line consists of:

  • 2 blank feeding places with 2 magazine palettes each
  • Altogether 2 hydraulic presses with synchronisation control left/ right
  • 2 centering stations
  • On the back side of the press is 1 robot each press which runs on the length side of the press(2 robots totally) on the side of the material feeding.
  • On the operator side of the line from a mutual linear axle for altogether 2 robots, which are able to serve both presses directly together in chain mode.
  • For the unloading of the parts and the scrap disposal out of the production line altogether 4 transport belts are foreseen