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Principle of 4 cycles©

Being successful with 4 cycles – the process at it´s best!

We from NEFF do work according to the sales oriented principle being able to provide to our customers solutions which are tailor-made to their requirements. Tailor made customer solutions require a differentiated procedure.

We do offer to our customers highest individuality and do have concerning this a maximum flexibility of the choice of the components of the complete line. From the first analyzis of the customer requirement up to the putting into operation we use 4 steps for the realization of your line with the NEFF principle of 4 cycles:


CYCLE 1: Project Planning

  • Collection of analyzation of customer requirements
  • Choice of project partners
  • Projection of the line

We focus on individual process solutions according to customer requirements. In cycle 1, we first record and analyze the specific customer requirements and determine which forming process generates optimum production performance.


CYCLE 2: Construction

  • Implementing of the individual customer solutions
  • Use of module components
  • Coordination with partners and customers

In cycle 2, we put all our know-how, acquired since 1947, to work. Based on well proven, standardised module components, we create a complete, economically optimised and individual solution.


CYCLE 3: Construction of the line

  • Supervision of manufacturing process
  • Assembly of the press of line at our plant
  • Programming of control

Thanks to our very distinctive know-how we offer maximum flexibility. This enables us to achieve good competitiveness. The construction is real custom work, as each plant is individually tailored to the customer's requirements.


CYCLE 4: Assembly and putting into operation

  • Assembly at customer side
  • Putting into operation of the line
  • Surrender to customer

In cycle 4, the system is assembled on-site at the customers location. During commissioning, we optimize the last details and hand over the finished line to our customer. Of course, we continue to provide our customers with the best service after the installation of the line.

With the help of this procedure we do control our project management and are able to offer to our customers highest transparency and complete the project individually and structured.