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Hot forming lines consist of high dynamic hydraulic presses, heating furnace and automation through robots and/ or feeder automation. The press capacities have been settled down to 800t, 1200t und up to 1600t tonnage on the user side.
Components of high-strength and super high strengths materials have nowadays an essential part in the car body.

Super high strengths material provides especially in the automotive industry with increasing demands on crash behavior and weight reduction more safety and in case of thinner steels implementation a weight reduction.
The use of boron steels in combination with a fully developed forming process as well as an optimal tool conception allows stability up to 1.700 MPa

Prefabricated blanks will be heated in the furnace and transferred into the tool by a robot or a feeder. In this connection the defined temperature must not gone below.
The component in the tool will be cooled down through water channels in the tool, whereby the hardening process occur.  Flexible NEFF hotforming systems with NEFF-dynamisV II® decrease the energetic consumption by simultaneously reduce of the press cycle time, which causes an essential part for increasing the part production and the efficiency of the whole line.