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NEFF C-Frame presses – High-performance and multifunctional

Our hydraulic C-Frame presses convince through their high-performance and multifunctional utilisability.
The extensive equipment program is consequently adjusted to the customers’ requirements.
All C-Frame presses could be driven in the manual mode as well as in the automatic mode.

EZP 160 C-Frame drawing press: 160 to with cutting impact dampening and movable die cushion
NEFF Einständerpresse EZP 160
EZP 160: Single column deep-drawing press 160 to. with 4-fold guided ram plate and tool clamping system
NEFF Einständer-Tiefziehpresse EZP 125

NEFF-Double sided / H-Frame presses – Tailor-made to the latest detail

Our Double sided / H-Frame presses are extraordinary flexible and multifunctional.
These characteristics enable an application in almost all fields in the sheet metal production.
Through our large program of equipments each press will be adapted for their individual performance requirements.
Our range of products cover all needs from the simple acting press to the ambitious two- respectively three acting deep-drawing press up to the complex transfer press.


DZP 315: Double sided press 315 to. with 4-point cutting stroke damping, BDE system connection & automation
NEFF Doppelständer-Ziehpresse DZP 500
DZP 800 to with 4-point cutting impact dampening and ram –skewing monitoring for production of automotive parts

NEFF Column-presses - Flexibility in each size

Our Column-presses are generally produced as 2-, 3-or 4-column-version. We offer individual solutions, which are suitable for product and application.

4SP 250: 4-Column press with 250 to pressure performance for production of plastic pallets
NEFF 4SP 250 4-Säulen-Presse
4SP 160: 4-Column press 160 t and 400 to pressure performance for production of automotive parts
4SP 160: 4-Column press 160 t and 400 to pressure performance for producing automotive parts

NEFF-Hotforming lines – Competence, know-how and innovation

Your benefit is our know-how, which we have demonstrated successfully trough the realization of various hotforming projects. The advantages mostly in the automotive industry are quite obvious:

  • Weight reduction by upgraded tensile strength of the components
  • Significant improvement of the crash behaviour
  • Consequently a reduction of the consumption data and decrease of the CO2 emissions in the automotive engineering 
  • New capabilities of new materials
  • specific hardening in the die

To produce an optimal part the combination of the complete hot forming line is important for you.
NEFF is willing to create the whole process with you: Automation, furnace- and press technology to reach the optimum result.

NEFF-Hotforming line