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Production line for the manufacturing of switch covers made of stainless steel for dish washers

The line is working from the coil. The material will be feed from the back side over the  belt conveyor and after the blank cut transferred through the press from the first tool step up to 12 tools steps by a transferring and unloading feeder.
The scrap will be transferred over a scrap flap forward facing to a scrap disposal belt. The line is designed that way that the operator side is fully free being able to do a fast tool change or exceptionally running the press alone without automation with manual loading.

The line consists of:

•Hydraulic Presses mit 4-Point-Synchronisation control
•Coiling line with coiler, straightening machine and roller feed
•Transfer and unloading feeder
•Part ejection for mechanial special processing as well as part feeding back in cycle via a robot
•Parts- discharge conveyor 
•Scrap flaps
•Safety fence conception for the whole line