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Neff–dynamisV II®

NEFF Presses with dynamisV II®–Technology are the fastest in the world. Thanks to a very high closing–and forming speed, the cycle time incl. the pressure build–up time are reduced enormously.

Once the component is formed, it is cooled down, while the force of the press is kept, within a few seconds to below 180 °C with the aid of a cooling system which is integrated into the tool, and hardened in the process.

With the NEFF dynamisV II®–Technology, you increase cycle and output and generate a significant increase in revenue. Secure a profit making and future–oriented production performance with the dynamisV II®.


  • Fast lowering–and return speeds
    ≥1200 mm/s
  • Forming speed up to 650 mm/s
  • Maximum possible press stiffness for optimum surface cooling
    to increase the output performance
  • Drive concept for the independence
    from cooling times
  • Best production performance


NEFF has been awarded the Blechnet-Award 2015 and the AEE-Innovation-Star 2015!