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KARLSRUHER BENEFICATION - Neff Presses is cycling for a good purpose!

KARLSRUHER SPENDENRADELN - Neff Presses is cycling for a good purpose!

On Saturday, the 16th of june 2018, at 4:00 pm the donation and donation ceremony of the sponsors of the Beneficiation of the Mobility Festival has located on the marketplace in Karlsruhe.


The donation of Walter Neff GmbH goes to Stelzenmännchen e.V., a association for children with cancer. The association serves the purpose of mental and social help and aftercare for families of children with cancer. Stelzenmännchen e.V. operates for the parental home Karlsruhe, which is free of charge for the affected families for the duration of inpatient treatment.

The „Karlsruher Spendenradeln“ was a great success: this year almost 100 cyclists take part since April. "On the one hand, we want to generate donations, on the other hand, to promote the exchange between business and social institutions," said Mrs. Carolin Holat.

"That's why it was very important to us to bring together all participants in a big event".


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